Python script to change File node names to Image Names

This script will change the name of all the File nodes in a scene to their Image Name.

  1. Diego

    I’m using Maya 2017 and the script returns this:

    # Error: ValueError: file line 11: No object matches name: .fileTextureName

    any fix or thoughts?

    • Hi Diego,

      Thanks for pointing out the problem with the script. I’ve updated it now and it works like it should now in my test scene.

      The problem was that the old version of the script listed all Textures. So that included ramps and noises, and not only File nodes. And since these nodes doesn’t have any attribute for Image Name it broke the script. The updated version of the script selects on File nodes now.


  2. Bill

    This is a great little script, exactly what I was looking for.


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