Batch render multiple scenes with Maya

Managing renders is a big part of my job as a 3D generalist. Sometimes I have worked on a couple of different Maya scenes during the day and want to render them all over night on my local machine. Starting a batch render from inside of Maya only allows me to render one scene at a time. A workflow that I have found that suits my needs very well, and doesn’t require any external software or render farm setup, is to create a simple Windows batch script (.bat file). All you need is one line of code for each render. An example could look like this:

So basically all you need to specify is where Maya is installed on you computer, where your project is set and what your scene is named. Of course there is more you can do, but this is all you need in my opinion. For example, you can specify which frames to be rendered in the script. But I prefer to skip that unless I want to override the frames I specified in the render settings.

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