Vray Water

I’ve been using Vray Water recently at work and wanted to share some tests that I did. Here is a daytime time test:

And here is a nighttime test:

The settings I used for the Vray Water was:

Height Multiplier: 1

Wind Direction: 0

Wind Magnitude: 10

Wind Direction Multiplier: 0

Choppy Multiplier: 0

Rate: 1

Seed: 1

Resolution: 1024

Patch Size: 1024

Some notes on the settings: The wind direction values 0 and 180 is moving the waves along the X-axis while 90 and 270 moves it along the Z-axis. However, there is no difference between 0 and 180 respective 90 and 270 which I found a little bit strange. For example, a scene with Wind Direction set to 90 will behave exactly like a scene with Wind Direction set to 270. It is also worth noting that Wind Direction Multipler has to be greater than 0 for the Wind Direction to have any effect at all.

The Patch Size is dependent on the scene scale and in my case a value of 1024 worked well since my scene was setup in approximately real world scale. I haven’t figured out exactly how the settings work for it thought. The description on Chaos Groups website says: ”Patch size – specifies the real world size of one patch of the VRayWater texture outside of which the surface is perfectly periodic”. 

The rest of the scene setup was really simple with the light coming from a Vray Domelight with an HDR. The shader for the water was a highly reflective VrayMtl with slightly glossy reflections.




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