Massive Jet RnD Notes

I’ve been testing Massive Jet at work and here are some of my notes:
Ctrl+LMB = Parent to Child
Ctrl+Alt+LMB = Unparent
Ctrl+P = Place
Ctrl+D = Delete instances
Space = Simulate
Alt+R = Reset Simulation
Alt+M = Switch between Skeleton and Model
Alt+J = Macro

Keep UV space between 0-1

Keep models lowpoly in Massive. 1000 faces per object is a lot.

Import mesh with Geo

Switch between Pages with Page Up and Down

Units: Centimeters
Work in centimeters, real world scale in Maya for import to Massive.

Time needs to be activated for Time in frames to work.

Agents must be placed in shaded mode in order to toggle with Alt+M

Agents must be saved separately. Changes in for example variables will not be saved with the setup.

Changes in Geo can’t be done while Agents are placed.

Place Polygon Generator:
MMB: Remove last point
RMB: Finish drawing
Shift+LMB: Translate Points

Change Directory:
Save setup in folder of your choice. Close Massive. Open. The Directory will change to the folder where the setup was saved. At least according to a tutorial I watched. This never worked in reality for me.

Shadow pass:
Terrain: Visible, Cast shadows. Shader = Shadow
Agents: Not Visible, Cast shadows.

Locomotion Agents:

  • 1 = Vision for agents and walls
  • 0.5 = Sound for agents, Vision for walls
  • 0 = Sound for agents and wall

Loco Girl needs to output Cloth.
A bug in Loco Girl requires it to be loaded last. Otherwise the hair will not work.

Vray workflow:
Two different Vrscenes need to be exported for rendering, one from Render and one from Sim. They need to have different names. The Sim Vrscene contains the links to the Massive objects and the Render Vrscene contains the render settings.

In Maya, read the Sim Vrscene with a Post Translate Python Script. The script can be found in the Massive forum and is provided by user Ctjanney. Another Python script (by Ctjanney again) is needed to batch render a sequence in Maya.


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