This is my showreel for spring 2014. It includes work I have done at Filmgate.

Awaken: I was responsible for creating the forest and grass environment. I also did the final lighting and rendering of the scene.

Diana: I did everything in both shots.

Dark Touch: I created the cigarette smoke.

Telenor Christmas commercial: I was responsible for re-modeling an existing van model and adding the lights. I also did the rigging for the van with Craft Director Studio. For the second shot I also did the animation, lighting and rendering.

Isdraken: I took over an existing animation and improved it and painted textures for the flowers. I also did the lighting, rendering and compositing.

Gateway 6: I was responsible for creating the buildings.

Små citroner gula: I was responsible for the bottle.

The Lady Vanishes: I was responsible for the compositing.

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