Creating Mastering Vray style shaders in Maya

I’m a subscriber of Mastering Vray by Grant Warwick and I’ve been trying to implement some of his techniques in my own shaders. Since Grant is using 3ds Max I’ve been trying to adopt his techniques in Maya. Which is easier said than done sometimes. Mostly because Grant relies heavily on both the Falloff map and Bercon Maps, none of which exist in Maya. Especially the Falloff map is something that bugs me that Maya does not have any equivelent node of. Grant is using the Falloff map to create curves instead of plain numbers for the IOR. IOR values can be found at One way of doing this in Maya is using the Custom Fresnel Script created by TheRenderBlog. You can read more about it here: This creates a fresnel curve using a Remap Value node. It works great if you want the correct physical values, but is not very easy to modify if you want to tweak the values later. I also used the Remap Value node to create my fresnel curves, and it worked okay but I really missed a Bezier handle which the Falloff map in Max has. First you need to create a Sampler Info and connect the Facing Ratio to a Reverse node. The output of the Reverse goes to the Input Value of the Remap Value node.

Anyway, here is some of the shaders I have created so far:






Green Paint


This is how complex the node tree for the Green Paint shader ended up.


And here is the node tree for the Gold shader.

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